Free Consultancy

The first step in any web design project is to decide upon the ideal solution to meet your requirements. The benefits, products and services available to you are wide-ranging, and it’s important that you have an understanding of the options if your project is to be effective. This is the “Inform” phase of our methodology.For companies that are making a serious investment in their web design project, we offer a Free Consultancy. This consultancy is designed to outline all of the above, as well as giving you an introduction to our company and how we work.

During your consultation we will discuss:

  • Specific areas of your business
  • The aims of any project or strategy you have in mind.
  • Your budget and options available to achieve your aims.
  • Tips and advice to complement your desired strategy.

Our consultative approach is designed to ensure that:

  • You are comfortable with the pace of your desired project.
  • You are fully informed about the reasons for our recommended action plan.
  • You are not pressured into purchasing products or services which may not be relevant for you.

The initial consultancy is another example of our value-added service and commitment to customer support /satisfaction. It is the first step towards forming a positive business relationship with your organization.

Following your Free Consultation, we will have a much clearer idea of your ideal strategy, and we can provide an accurate specification of your needs with associated fixed costs.

A typical free consultation usually takes about 1 hr. and we will be glad to travel locally to your place of business or meet in another location.

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